Using Uber Supports the Things You Hate

Sure, using Uber undermines public safety, the rule of law, and the very foundation of our labor market. But if you don’t value any of those things enough to contemplate taking the bus to Gelson’s, consider that supporting Uber means supporting three other things that most of us, my fellow progressives in particular, hate rill rill bad:

  1. Endangering women
  2. Compromising our personal data
  3. Exploiting the poor and working class.

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Your Uber Driver is Being Paid in Coupons

Promotional image for Uber and Shop Your WayUber drivers–who don’t receive a minimum wage, health insurance, job security, or even concern for their personal safety–can at least now save a few dollars on Dockers, thanks to Uber’s insulting new deal with Shop Your Way, the loyalty points program of Sears and Kmart.

The partnership offers up to $425 in discount shopping points for Shop Your Way Members who sign up as new “driver-partners.” Of course, Uber doesn’t make it easy to earn the points. Drivers have to complete 100 trips within 45 days to earn the full $425. If you’re able to complete the 100 trips within 42 hours of work, congratulations! You’ve earned the equivalent of California’s minimum wage (in Kenmore appliances). Ha ha, not really! You have to subtract an extra 9% for the sales tax on your new toaster oven and 15% for the extra income tax you’re subject to for being an independent contractor. So if you want to earn the equivalent of 42 hours of minimum wage labor, you have to work for 52 hours.

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Here Are Your Newest Reasons Never to Use Uber

photo © Adam Fagen
photo © Adam Fagen

It says plenty about Uber, our nation’s most beloved villainous corporation, that the newswire documenting its iniquitous deeds fires so frequently that I can’t report them all and instead have to compile the highlights in these occasional digest posts. If you’d like a primer on how Uber exploits its driverscheats and gouges customers, flagrantly breaks the law, and endangers public safety, you’ll find some links to my earlier rants at the bottom of the page. Meanwhile, here’s the latest on Uber’s flagitious 1A word I had to look up because I ran out of synonyms for “evil.” doings:

  • Uber knowingly deceives its customers with the map of available cars users see when launching its app. As uncovered through exceptional reporting by data researcher Alex Rosenblat and published on Motherboard, the map consistently shows cars around the potential rider that don’t actually exist. Despite presenting the screen to users as an accurate representation of drivers available to pick them up, Uber considers the map a “screen saver,” a mere “visual effect letting people know that partners are searching for fares.”

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1. A word I had to look up because I ran out of synonyms for “evil.”

I Read Uber’s New Magazine for Drivers So You Don’t Have To

Momentum - The Magazine for Uber PartnersAmerica’s leading pleonexia concern, the evil Objectivist “ride-sharing” service Uber, has issued a glossy, full-color fuck you to its drivers in the form of Momentum, “The Magazine for Uber Partners.” This sub-airline-grade magazine comprises a tight 15 pages, not coincidentally the perfect size for Uber’s exploited non-employees to roll and shove right up their asses.

Uber — whose myriad inequities I’ve chronicled, and whose services you should never, ever engage, even if you’re stuck rideless in the middle of a blizzard today, especially if you’re stuck rideless in the middle of a blizzard today, because the company’s “surge pricing” policy will wrap you in the welcoming warming comfort of a $450 bill for a three-mile ride — has demonstrated its utterly backwards priorities in this latest suck-up to the “driver partners” it abuses.

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Those of Us Who Think Uber is Wrong Continue to be Proven Right

Have I still not convinced you to stop using the customer-gouging, driver-screwing, society-disintegrating ride-sharing outlaw taxi service Uber? If the fact that the company comprises an unethical skeleton skinned with a business model that’s an affront to progressives everywhere and wrapped in a demonic cloak of pure greed isn’t enough to make you delete its app, keep in mind that if you criticize your Uber driver’s route he will cave your skull in with a hammer.

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Three More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Uber

UPDATE, July 16, 2014 – A late-breaking fourth reason: In my hometown of Pittsburgh, Uber decided not to await the results of its application to operate and just go ahead and start illegally doing business. Hit with a cease-and-desist order from a judge, Uber whipped out cosmically massive balls and claimed that its inability to operate in the city constituted a public emergency. Yesterday the Public Utilities Commission publicly suggested that Uber fuck off.

ORIGINAL POST, July 15, 2014:

Uber BADDo you still use “ride-sharing” service Uber despite its business model of dodging every law protecting workers and consumers? Despite its attempt to replace the very system of employment that our economy is built on with one in which corporations don’t actually pay, support, or give half a shit about the people that do their work? And despite my very incisive anti-Uber meme that I worked really hard on? Then consider these three new reasons to immediately delete the Uber app from your phone:

1) Price-gouging during public emergencies is part of Uber’s profit plan.

When passengers complained that the company jacked up prices during snowstorms that hit the Northeast this past winter, resulting in per-mile rates as high as $35 and/or one gonad, Uber Grand Douchebag CEO Travis Kalanick responded by telling customers to either pay up or start training a team of huskies.

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UPDATED! Here are Your Anti-Uber and Anti-Lyft Memes

Ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber offer cheap transportation in exchange for a loss of fair wages, worker and consumer protections, and public safety. They roll back progress made through decades of fighting and sacrifice by organized labor and social activists. Show your opposition by boycotting the businesses and by sharing these images.

Say No to Uber

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Atlas Lyfted: Oppose For-Profit Ridesharing

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