South of Nowhere

Spashley Ever After

Is this Spencer or Ashley? I forget.

This morning I figured I should find something to keep this site from languishing while I work to finish up a big new project that I’ll be debuting here next week. So unless you want to help me decipher my handwritten notes, that means reposting. The first thing that came to mind was Spashley Ever After.

Several years ago on The N (now TeenNick) we aired a show called South of Nowhere, a romantic melodrama about a high school girl discovering her homosexuality. It has the distinction of being the only television series the lead actors of which publicly expressed their brutal disdain for me. More importantly, it was a cult hit among teen lesbians (eight or nine of them to be exact) who gave the lead couple — Spencer and Ashley — the portmanteau nickname “Spashley.” When the series met its end we at The N, in a reasonably innovative move, held a contest to let fans write a final webisode that would show the future of Spashley.

I gave the audience three sample ideas to get their brains working. The Spashleyites were not pleased.

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