I Wrote a New Pilot About Baseball. Someone Should Read It.

This weekend I finished a new half-hour pilot script. It’s titled The Perfect Game, and it’s about a hipster artisanal baseball team that goes pro. They’re called the Portland Zeitgeist. I love it. It’s my ninth pilot.

Yes, nine pilots. Seven of which I wrote since I moved to LA and which, when added to two specs and a screenplay, means I’ve written 10 scripts in six years. 1Plus work for MADPuppet Nation, BBC America, etc. Along with creating and producing a full episode of a radio comedy that the Los Angeles Times loved, starring one of Hollywood’s most talented actors who also happens to co-star on one of TV’s most successful shows.

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1. Plus work for MADPuppet Nation, BBC America, etc.

I Got My First Tattoo

It took me a long time to get up the nerve, but I really needed a change, so I did it. In fact, I did it three times. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Stuff I’ve Read: Dec. 2013-Jan. 2014

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Colony Earth by Richard E. MooneyColony Earth
by Richard E. Mooney

To enthusiasts of crackpot literature there is little worse than a Me Too. Me Toos come into existence when a crackpot book crosses over into the mainstream, causing an even more cracked pot (or worse, even less) to roll out a similar theory. In this case the former is Erich Von Däniken’s 1968 bestseller positing that aliens visited ancient humans, Chariots of the Gods?, which Colony Earth me-toos so enthusiastically that it name checks Von D on the cover.

If you write a Me Too you’re already one strike down, so you need to be sure not to break any other cardinal rules of crackpot literature. Definitely don’t, within the first 75 pages, let on to your readers that you’re way more ignorant than any of them, including any hamsters that might happen to scoot across opened copies. That means not claiming that prehistoric humans possessed total recall because of the striking realism of their cave paintings nor noting that a comet colliding with earth wouldn’t do any real damage because a comet is just a “ball of snow.” But if you slip up on that first rule, just keep cool and be extra sure not to reveal that you’re a racist nitwit who claims there to be three species of humans — Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid — who “safely interbreed.”

Richard E. Mooney, won’t you please go now?

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