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From the Archives of Warner Bros. Animation

You might’ve seen my report on Daily Urban Legend uncovering a piece of animation history:

Beloved Looney Tunes character Speedy Gonzales is considered an anachronistic ethnic stereotype. However, famed Warner Bros. animation director Chuck Jones actually toned down the character from its original version, called “Stabby Mexicano.”

Since that story’s publication, I’ve dug up an original design of the character:

Stabby Mexicano


Easy Like Sunday Morning

Herman Cain, Recording Star

I did some reporting for Maggie Serota’s Daily Urban Legend:

In 1996, Herman Cain released Sunday Morning, a CD of gospel classics on Melodic Praise Records. A Cain supporter recently posted the album online on his own accord, despite the Cain campaign saying it “never had an intention of promoting the music.” The Cain campaign wants to keep the music under wraps out of fear that renewed interest in it might result in the discovery of… Read on >>

Westboro vs. Eastboro

I’m back on Maggie Serota’s Daily Urban Legend today with the origin story of Westboro Baptist Church:

The much-maligned Westboro Baptist Church began as a radicalized splinter congregation of the larger Eastboro Baptist Church… More >>

What NASA Doesn’t Want You to Know

Please check out Maggie Serota’s extremely enjoyable Daily Urban Legend for my latest contribution, exposing the horrible truth about NASA.

The Horrible, Horrible Reality

After you’ve clicked through, come back here, because I have another urban “legend” to share, this one from my personal past. I dared not let Maggie post it out of fear that people might think it untrue. It’s about “The Damian Grave:”

When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, a persistent myth circulated around a particular burial plot in Resurrection Cemetery called “the Damian Grave.” This tombstone, sitting atop a lonely hill, is carved from jet-black stone and engraved with an upside-down cross, the name Damian, and the epitaph, “This is not goodbye, just so long.” Legend had it that if anyone harmed or defiled that gravesite, terrible events would befall them. Everyone knew someone who knew someone who had been killed, or lost a leg, or God knows what else after they fucked with that grave….Continue Reading →