How Do You Fantasize?

Hot Sex!

Over on Crasstalk today, I’m asking inappropriately personal questions about sex. It begins:

The other day my Twitter pal and sometimes lunchmate Ahm asked for a conversation topic, and I suggested something that I’ve been stewing on lately: Are most people’s sexual fantasies POV or roving camera? Read on >>>

Yes, I do go on to reveal my own sexual fantasy techniques, thus robbing Parade Magazine of their scoop. I also cogitate a bit on whether being a screenwriter effects one fantasizing methods and vice versa.

Head over their and spill your filthy, disgusting guts. Also, might I suggest that this topic makes for excellent Thanksgiving dinner table conversation. Nothing brings you closer to your family than hearing about their breathless, orgasmic moments while slurping mashed yams.Bring a pamphlet for the kids table.

Comedy Can Fix Your Brain

NOTE: This post was originally published on May 12, 2011. I’m reposting it now because it’s OCD Awareness Week. Irrational anxiety isn’t a necessary part of life. Help is available.


I’ve got a short piece up on Crasstalk today about comedy and OCD. Click here to read it. It begins:

I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Not the bogus kind that people claim to have when they scream at a party guest for setting a drink on their issue of Dwell. The genuine kind — the kind that leaves you immobile on the couch for hours at a stretch because you’re afraid that if you get up you’ll chop off your hand with a meat cleaver…. More >>>

Is The Wire Anti-Semitic?


Michael Kostroff as Murice Levy on The WireI have a short piece on Crasstalk today that begins thusly:

I finally finished watching all five seasons of The Wire. It’s unquestionably a great show, but after the months I spent with it the series left me not wanting to discuss everything it does right, but one thing it does very wrong:

Why, in a show so concerned with race and ethnicity, is the only identified Jewish character a stereotypical money-grubbing, scumbag lawyer?

Read on >>>

I Have Solved All Your Lightsaber Problems

UPDATE: The übernerd site Slashdot has picked up on this story.

I have a new piece up on Crasstalk today. It begins:

As everyone who’s ever passed the GRE knows, there are two major hypothetical operational problems with Star Wars lightsabers. More accurately I should say there were two problems, because I solved both of them while trying to fall asleep last night, shortly after mentally ranking the breasts of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Read on >>