I’ve Been Trebekked

After three online tests and as many auditions over the course of five years, I played Jeopardy! for real yesterday. It was a joy. I can say no more right now, not even whether or not I won the mandatory fist fight with Alex Trebek. Stay tuned for an air date.My New Jeopardy! Hat

Get Your Slasher! Camp De-Cap-A-Lot T-Shirt

Seth Madej, Dead in a Slasher! Camp De-Cap-A-Lot T-Shirt Fans of the defunct’s fun-loving murder game Slasher! constantly ask, beg, and extort me to bring it back to life. As I’ve said many times, I don’t have the rights, technical acumen, or money to do that. Nevertheless, I love you all for loving the game, so to say thank you, I’m giving you what I can: Slasher! T-shirts.

I’ve designed an original Camp De-Cap-A-Lot T-shirt, which you can see on my corpse above. The retro summer-camp style tee turns you into a literal human target and reads “Camp De-Camp- A-Lot, Est. 2007, Countless Dead” with an iconic Slasher silhouette. 100% cotton tagless gray, $25 plus shipping. Buy yours here or click the images below for a closer look.

Camp De-Cap-A-Lot T-Shirt Design

Click here to get your Slasher! Camp De-Cap-A-Lot T-Shirt

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From the Archives: My Interview With Donora, PA’s Greatest Partridge Family Tribute Band

While digging through my storage space recently, I yanked some particularly Goodwillable sweaters out of an old trunk and underneath found a stained manila folder. Inside was something I thought I’d lost — the only known extant photocopy of my music newsletter from many, many years ago, “The Bird Stump.” It contains the final interview with one-man Partridge Family tribute band, In a Pear Tree. I’ve scanned in all four pages, below.

The Bird Stump by Seth Madej, pg. 1