I Wrote a New Pilot About Baseball. Someone Should Read It.

This weekend I finished a new half-hour pilot script. It’s titled The Perfect Game, and it’s about a hipster artisanal baseball team that goes pro. They’re called the Portland Zeitgeist. I love it. It’s my ninth pilot.

Yes, nine pilots. Seven of which I wrote since I moved to LA and which, when added to two specs and a screenplay, means I’ve written 10 scripts in six years. 1Plus work for MADPuppet Nation, BBC America, etc. Along with creating and producing a full episode of a radio comedy that the Los Angeles Times loved, starring one of Hollywood’s most talented actors who also happens to co-star on one of TV’s most successful shows.

I very rarely use this blog to praise myself, but today I want to. I’m a very good writer. I have testimonials of this fact from people who are not me, people who I’m not birthed from nor married to, people who have nothing to gain by testifying to that fact and whose jobs require them to recognize good writing. I have a tremendous body of work filled with imaginative concepts, intricate stories, and smart jokes all rooted in the precept that great comedy requires original ideas.

Before I ditched my NYC career to move to LA to write full-time, my job was to be the person others came to when they needed ideas. I have over a decade of experience working in and leading teams of creative people, people who like and respect me. My work has been nominated for two Emmys and won one. Almost 40,000 people visited my blog this month alone. I used to perform one-man sketch comedy. I can act. I take college-level math classes in my spare time. I can type 62 words per minute. I have great cheekbones. That is a hard resume to match.

So Hollywood, please consider this to be the thirty-foot tall, inflatable, flappy-arm man outside the used car dealership that I embody.


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1. Plus work for MADPuppet Nation, BBC America, etc.

Kindly Provide Mr. Madej With Your Viewpoint


You do have nice cheekbones. In that photo, you look like Benedict Cumberbatch. Maybe you should try a British accent and/or celebrity impersonation. My son can type 60 words a minute with two fingers, didn’t think that was possible until I saw it. I want one of those pencils. If you can add a couple Google ads to your page, you can at least make some money off all those visits, even if nobody clicks on the ads.

I’ve never written anything but I have a great idea (I’m sure this is beyond common) but I would love to read yours so I can format mine. Hollywood is dead, try changing to something more “jewy”. Possibly Seth Made-j-Stien and I bet you get some call backs.

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