The Fifth Winner of #SethBuyMeLunch

There were only two entries to #SethBuyMeLunch this week, so here’s my first-ever appearance in animated GIF form, flipping a coin to select the winner.

Official Coin Flip

It was heads, which means I’m having lunch with Heather Johnson, AKA @hnjohnso, who has opted to receive. I’m looking forward to meeting her on Friday.

You can win a free lunch with me next week, and every week, by tweeting #SethBuyMeLunch between 12am Monday and 12am Tuesday. Here are the details.

(And if you’re wondering where the recap of lunch number four is, Emily ran a half-marathon last week like some kind of maniac, so our lunch is yet to happen.)

Kindly Provide Mr. Madej With Your Viewpoint

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