The Saints Invented Rocket From the Crypt

I've pretty much stopped using Facebook ((If you're reading this on Facebook, it's because it was auto-posted there by WordPress.)) I don't really miss it, except for times like right now when I discover a morsel that gets me excited but is of such focused interest that the only way I can share … Continue reading

Bruce’s Brain

I can't possibly judge the reaction to Born to Run of a person who doesn't consider Bruce Springsteen to be their personal, artistic, and political hero. But someone who does will react by doubling down on their devotion, thanks to his memoir's deep introspection and focus on art, ideas, … Continue reading

I’ve Been Trebekked

After three online tests and as many auditions over the course of five years, I played Jeopardy! for real yesterday. It was a joy. I can say no more right now, not even whether or not I won the mandatory fist fight with Alex Trebek. Stay tuned for an air … Continue reading

Stuff I Liked in 2016, pt. 4 – TV

Watching TV is hard. I swear that once I used to just turn on a box, but now I have to navigate dozens of platforms across multiple devices to sit through hundreds of old episodes of 17 seasons of a show to understand what's happening in the one on Sunday so I can decide that I don't like it. … Continue reading

Stuff I Liked in 2016, pt. 3 – Movies

2016 stands out for the potentially great movies I haven't seen. For the first time in years, I can compile a list of films that I regret not having the $15 for admission more than I regret spending that $15 on Crunchwrap Supremes. ((Including Arrival, Moonlight, Kubo and the Two Strings, The Bad … Continue reading